The floral wreath


Live flowers in the hairline give a sophisticated image of the bride and emphasize her natural beauty.

 In ancient times, girls married in a vail, but today this accessory is used as an independent element of the image of the bride. It is perfectly combined with light cotton.

When choosing a wreath, it is important to take into account the hairstyle and the style of the whole wedding.

 It can also be loosened by long hair, and a neat haircut. Large wreaths are suitable for girls who want to emphasize facial features. Such a wreath attracts the maximum attention, so the dress and accessories are better to choose simple and invisible. Such an ornament will be the perfect addition to the free-cut dress and will look great with long soft curls.

In addition to the corms, you can also use a comb. Low bridal bunch and comb with flowers make the perfect combination that will emphasize the elegant and feminine image of the bride. In this decoration, do not use large flowers, as they may look cumbersome.

The hairpins are smaller than the comb, so they will fit the bride with short haircuts. They will add a sense of romance and elegance to the image. And the comb, and the hairpins are small decorations and look great in the design of the hairdresser.

The flower rim is echoed with a wreath, but this option is more compact and allows you to change the arrangement of colors on the hair. Soft waves of hair perfectly combine with this accessory.

Gentle flowers, woven in a braid or fixed in a high hair, give a special charm to the bride! Such a hairstyle should be agreed in advance with the stylist and florist, because the flowers must be preserved correctly.

Note that the bouquet of the bride should be echoed with floral ornaments of the hair and groom's buttonhole. This provides the integrity of the image and will support the floral theme of the wedding. The bride can choose a favorite color scheme, but the task of a florist is to pick such flowers that will easily survive the wedding day and preserve the beautiful appearance and freshness.