Dried flowers


Some people don`t like to present or to receive flowers because they die very quickly: 3-5 days and the gift can be thrown away. But it doesn`t mean flowers are useless. When you buy them you don`t buy an object, you buy an emotion. 

But how about those people who prefer practicality? Dried flowers is the best choice if you want to impress and please them in the same time :)



For example, a small nice bouquet with lavender may be a great flavoring for home. It smells really awesome and makes cozy atmosphere. In addition, it helps to fall asleep faster and sleep better.



Bouquets of dried flowers is a new trend in decor. Usually they are not too bright, so can fit perfectly almost every interior. Especially if you'll also present any minimalistic vase :)



And, of course, the biggest advantage of these bouquets is that they can be kept for years! 



By the way, you can order any bouquet of dried flowers on our website with delivery in Lviv and region.