Autumns bouquets

Summer is a paradise for flower lovers. All the fields bloom, old ladies in the markets try to sell you bouquets of local flowers almost for free, flower shops offer so much awesome ones! 



And what to do when it`s fall? Where to look for them, when the warm days are gone, but you still want to treat yourself? Which ones to buy?



In fact, autumn is no less a "flower" time than summer: of course, you won`t find peonies and tulips, but, for example, asters - everywhere!



Chrysatnthemum is another autumn queen. By the way, we even have an article about it :)



Amaranthus is a pretty unusual flower for our region, but it looks really interesting! 



In autumn, florists often use dried berries and leaves in their arrangements. For example, dog rose or physalis.



By the way, do not forget about dried flowers! 


And, of course, you can always buy flowers on our website or by number +380686155040 with delivery in Lviv and region.