What people usually imagine when they hear the word "chrysantemum":



And this is how they can really look like:



I've randomly picked a picture from Pinterest with a man holding a bouquet of one of chrysantemum's kinds: Vienna. 

Actually this flower has much more kinds and types. I bet you probably knew some of them! 



Chrysanthemum began to be grown in China about a thousand years ago. Later it went to Japan and became one of its national symbols. Every year there is a Chrysanthemum Festival - a special ritual held in the gardens, where people admire the shapes and shades of flowers.



By the way, in Ukraine it is often associated with cheap bouquets for teachers on the first of September. Indeed, some of its varieties are completely unpretentious to the conditions of cultivation and storage, which allows you to sell the flower cheaply.

 However, caring for most of its species requires no less effort than caring for roses or eustoma, so their prices are not inferior to the cost of peonies or hydrangeas.

But florists call the chrysanthemum the queen of autumn compositions. Autumn is the season of this textured, bright and stable flowers.



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