About roses 


Today we will refute another myth: roses are banal. Especially often these words are addressed to red roses. To whom do you owe: Greek mythology, Roman or, maybe, Lancasters? Anyway, we want to prove that roses can surprise no less than a proteus or a leucadendron :)



Let's start with the simplest: in any store you can easily find a classic single-headed rose. Red, pink and white - most often. What about green, yellow or blue? These ones, by the way, you can always order in our studio ny number +38 068 615 50 40 :)



The next species - spray. Bulky and light at the same time.



And this is peony rose - a great alternative to peonies, because it is extremely difficult to find them out of season. Such roses are more expensive than usual due to the difficulty of breeding varieties, as well as features of care.



And what if we combine the two previous points?



Spray peony rose. Here the words are superfluous :)


And you can always order any varieties of roses with delivery in Lviv and the region by number +38 068 615 50 40. 24/7 :)