Mixed bouquet


Here the real creativity starts. You can choose or create it with any colors, shape or style - there are no limins for your imagination.

Of course, the florist will make it according to the preferences of the customer (or his or her own), occasion, budget and other factors, but the main condition is the same - three or more types of flowers.


Such a bouquet attracts the eye for a long time: you want to look at it and explore it.


It will be suitable in any situation: for a birthday, anniversary, wedding, just for no reason. Although, of course, there are nuances, so if you need a bouquet for the bride or a funeral one, warn your florist about that. 

By the way, you can read an article about wedding bouquets in our blog.



Among this variety, you may easily get lost if you were not interested in floristics before and just want to order a bouquet. In this case, you should tell the florist more about the temperament and preferences of the girl you are going to give the flowers.

Delicate, scattering compositions of wildflowers are mostly liked by young girls, while the older lady is more likely to prefer a lush bouquet of roses, dahlias or chrysanthemums. It is better to present something unusual to fans of surprises: for example, a bouquet with a banksia, a protea or an allium.

The choice of color can be based on temperament: a contrasting bouquet with rich colors is more suitable for a bright and emotional girl, and for a restrained lady is better to choose a bouquet in pastel colors.


However, all this, of course, is just a theory, and it should be used only in cases where you give the flowers for this person only for the first time and have not had time to explore his or her tastes yet. It is much more pleasant to receive a small bouquet with a flower that you accidentally mentioned during the conversation than an expensive but "impersonal" one.

And our florists will always be glad to help you to choose the composition. You can order any bouquet that you saw in this article on our website with delivery in Lviv and the region.