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Questions and answers

How to order a bouquet?

You can order a ready-made bouquet on our web-site or call/write to us. We will create a bouquet with our own design or we will bring to life yours. Flower delivery phone is +38 068 615 50 40. The delivery service works round-the-clock.

What is the minimum delivery time of the order?

The standard order processing time is two hours. This is the time we need to create a bouquet and deliver it to any location in Lviv. In some cases, we can deliver the bouquet much faster. If you need an urgent delivery, let us know and we will do our best to deliver your order as soon as possible.


How to pay for a bouquet?

When you order on our webpage, you can pay with Visa / Mastercard or via PayPal through the form offered by the website during the ordering process. If you make the order by phone, you can make a payment by clicking on the payment system button or the PayPal button on the page with a description of payment methods.

How do I know that the order has been delivered?

After completing an order, you will receive a confirmation of the order delivery in the form of an SMS or a message in the messenger to the number specified by you during the ordering process, as the customer’s number. When executing each order, we take a photo of the recipient with the bouquet in their hands. At your request, we can provide you with this photo.

Do you provide information about a customer who ordered a bouquet to the recipient?

No. By default, all our orders are anonymous. If you want us to inform the recipient from whom they receive a gift, please, let us know during the ordering process. If the recipient insists on disclosing the customer’s name, we contact the customer to obtain permission to provide this information.

Why does my bouquet not look like in the picture?

A slight deviation in the appearance of the real bouquet compared to the picture on the website is permissible, as each bouquet is unique. Each florist makes a bouquet slightly differently. It is impossible to make two bouquets that are 100% identical. Deviation in the appearance of a bouquet is also possible in case of the absence of some flowers for a specific bouquet in our stock. But in this case, we will notify you.

How to properly store a bouquet?

After receiving the bouquet, flowers should be pruned and put in a vase with clean water. The vase should be placed so that they do not get direct sunlight. Remember, the higher the storage temperature of the flowers, the shorter their life.

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