a New trend in decorating - a photo area for the wedding - gives space to the creativity of the decorators, and the newlyweds and their guests allows you to turn the photographing process fun and memorable for years to come. Times pictures of brides at the birches and the palms are already gone, and in their place came the Western style of shooting - against the backdrop of romantic landscapes and beautiful buildings, with attention to detail and decor. And one of the most striking ideas is the photo zones. It is a limited space, decorated in the style of the wedding, diverse, well-designed décor. In this place young and guests to capture the happy moment and just have fun.

Design of photo zone colors has many features. First and foremost, it is necessary to consider that the composition should blend with the style of the bride and color scheme that prevails in the style of the wedding. At registration it is necessary to consider the characteristics of the terrain, where will be placed the area for the photo shoot. This approach allows florists to create a unique composition that best fit the environment.

the completeness of the composition add decorative items such as photo frames, coasters, decorative panels, arches etc. for example, if the style of the wedding in a classic style, it is better to choose the traditional and simple flowers. But we should not forget that the photo area is a separate part in the wedding hall and can act as a separate object interior with its style.


Colors and lighting

must take into account such factors as illuminance. First and foremost, every flower looks different in artificial light. As a result, the composition, which on paper looks perfect and fits the design really could be losing. Specialist must take into account the work of these nuances, and performing independent wedding decoration with flowers it is possible to overlook important features.

of Course, necessary, etcformation about how to assemble a bouquet or garland, you can find, but to create a composition that will perfectly fit into the interior issued the hall is much more complicated. It is not enough to know the technology of Assembly of flowers - you must have great experience to understand the behavior of certain flowers in various conditions. In order that the layman could effectively do this job, you need a huge amount of time and ensure the result is still impossible. If you want a Banquet hall and area of the photo shoot was fully prepared for the upcoming celebration, it is best to order wedding hall decoration trusted professionals.