Seven most popular styles of wedding bouquets

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For those paying little attention to beauty and elegance, wedding bouquets often look the same. For many, these are just flowers assembled together and tied with a lace. However, this might be the idea you get at the first glance and only in case you do not attach much importance to the bouquet. In reality, this is a very important element of a wedding look and there are a number of various styles of bouquets depending on the shapes and colors of flowers. You decide which of these styles will best complement the style of your dress or the wedding ceremony. For example, a larger bouquet will look better at the church ceremony, while a smaller, easier-to-carry and loosely assembled one will more suitable for the garden celebration. Your florist will greatly appreciate you telling exactly the style of bouquet you need. Below you will find seven most popular styles of wedding bouquets. Select the style that can best complement your wedding look.
Style 1 - Cascade
The highlight of this style is the so-called waterfall – flowers in the front part of the composition, falling down like water. The effect of flowers pouring out from the bouquet is best created by dendrobium, phalaenopsis and stephanotis. The cascade bouquet is a stylish, eye-catching emphasis in the bride’s hands which becomes one of the main elements of the look. If you choose this style of bouquet, remember that your dress and accessories must be in more discreet style.
Photography by Aaron Delesie (left) and Justine Ungaro (right)
Style 2 - Posy
This is a classic bouquet and it is a very popular choice among brides. As a rule, stems of the bouquet in this style are wrapped with a lace, and the shape of the bouquet is round. Small size allows holding this bouquet in one hand. This is a compact yet stylish complement to your look. A small size, perfect round shape and straight line. Nothing superfluous. This is one of our most favorite bouquets. Such a bouquet is not only a perfect accessory for the bride, but also the most popular choice among the bridesmaids.

Photography by B&G Photography (left) and Chrisman Studios (right)

Style 3 - Hand-Tied
Цей стиль відрізняється від інших своєю невимушеністю та природністю. Стебла різної довжини, різних кольорів та текстури, зв'язані вільно, щоб справити враження щойно зрізаних квітів. Такі букети можуть включати в себе широкий асортимент квітів та зелені. Зв'язані вільніше, ніж в інших стилях, ці букети дуже добре підходять для богемних весіль та весіль в стилі рустик, сад або бохо.

Photography by Elizabeth Messina (left) and Heather Kincaid (right)

Style 4 - Round
The shape! This is all about shape. The shape is the most important in such bouquets. For the bouquets of perfectly round shape, same type flowers are often used, for example, roses or peonies. Most often, such bouquets are made in one color, as different textures are overly eye-catching.
Photography by Darin Fong (left) and Clane Gessel Photography (right)
Style 5 - Nosegay
In this style, which is much like Posy, the focus is more on the greenery. Since this bouquet is small, it will best suit a slim bride. It is different from a classic round-shaped bouquet. Flows of greenery add lightness and airiness to the look.
Photography by Katelyn James Photography (left) and lunaphoto (right)
Style 6 - Pomander
These are round bouquets with a lace by which they are held. They stand out among the other styles due to their unusualness. They are often hung in the aisles and also used as bridesmaids’ bouquets. Undoubtedly, it looks quite original when all the bridesmaids hold such balls in their hands. )) The only inconvenience is that you cannot put down such bouquets; as a rule, you hang hung by the lace when you need free hands.
Photography by Kim Fox Photography (left) and Jay Lawrence Goldman Photography (right)
Style 7 - Glamelia
In fact, this incredible bouquet consists of separate petals, fastened together to create an impression of one big flower. This is a very nice and unusual bouquet that will always perfectly complement the look of the bride.
Photography by Marianne Lozano