Seven most popular styles of wedding bouquets

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For people who don't pay any attantion to beauty and elegance, wedding bouquets often look the same. For most of us a bouquet looks just like flowers picked together and tied with a lace. However, now we want to prove you it's not only about that .In fact, it's a very important element of a wedding look and there is a lot of styles of bouquets. It depends on a shape and color of flowers. For example, a larger bouquet will look better at the church ceremony, and a smaller, easier-to-carry and loosely assembled one will be more suitable for the garden celebration. Your florist would appreciate you telling exactly the style of bouquet you need. 
Style 1 - Cascade
The highlight of this style is the so-called waterfall – flowers in the front part of the composition, falling down like water. The cascade bouquet is a stylish, eye-catching emphasis in the bride’s hands. This is one of the main elements of the look. If you choose this style of bouquet, remember that your dress and accessories must be in more discreet style.
Photography by Aaron Delesie (left) and Justine Ungaro (right)
Style 2 - Posy
This is a classic bouquet and it is a very popular choice among brides. As a rule, stems of the bouquet in this style are wrapped with a lace. The shape of the bouquet is round. Small size allows to hold it in one hand. Perfect round shape and straight line. Nothing superfluous. This is one of our most favorite bouquets. It is but also the most popular choice among the bridesmaids.

Photography by B&G Photography (left) and Chrisman Studios (right)

Style 3 - Hand-Tied
This style differs from others by its ease and naturalness. Stems of different lengths, different colors and textures are tied loosely to give the impression of freshly cut flowers. Such bouquets can include a wide range of flowers. Tied more loosely than in other styles, these bouquets are very suitable for bohemian weddings and weddings in the style of rustic, garden or boho.

Photography by Elizabeth Messina (left) and Heather Kincaid (right)

Style 4 - Round
The shape! This is all about shape. For the bouquets of perfectly round shape, florists usually use roses or peonies. Often they are made in a one color, as different textures are overly eye-catching.
Photography by Darin Fong (left) and Clane Gessel Photography (right)
Style 5 - Nosegay
In this style the focus is on the greenery. Since this bouquet is small, it will best suit a slim bride. It is different from a classic round-shaped bouquet. Flows of greenery add lightness and airiness to the look.
Photography by Katelyn James Photography (left) and lunaphoto (right)
Style 6 - Pomander
These are round bouquets with a laces that hold them. They stand out among the other styles due to their unusualness. They are often hung in the aisles and also used as bridesmaids’ bouquets.The only inconvenience is that you cannot put down such bouquets; as a rule, you hang it by the lace when you need free hands.
Photography by Kim Fox Photography (left) and Jay Lawrence Goldman Photography (right)
Style 7 - Glamelia
In fact, this incredible bouquet consists of separate petals, fastened together to create an impression of one big flower. This is a very nice and unusual bouquet that will always perfectly complement the look of the bride.
Photography by Marianne Lozano