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In rare cases, when replacement becomes necessary because of difficulties with the supply of flowers, we reserve the right to replace them with flowers of similar style, quality and value.

In order to extend the life of cut flowers, they must be properly cared for. With proper care, the lifespan of your bouquet will be much longer! Take your time and take advice from our florists:

Flowers love a clean environment, so be sure to wash the vase. This will neutralize all bacteria.

Before placing the flowers in a vase with water, cut the stem by 1-2 cm at an angle of 45 degrees. With a fresh cut flowers can drink water much better.

Flowers should be placed in clean cool water. Due to the bacteria that appear in the water, the flowers can spoil, so you need to change the water often. It is desirable to change the water and refresh the cut of flowers every day.

For most flowers, the rule is - the more water, the better.

We add to every bouquet several sachets of "Chrysal" - a special substance that prevents the rapid growth of bacteria and allows flowers to live longer. Don't forget to add it to clean water.

If you look for a place for flowers, choose a cool place, but always with a positive temperature. Also, flowers do not like heat, so do not put them in the sun or in places where there is direct sunlight. Also, cut flowers should not be placed near heaters. When you bring flowers from the cold in winter, don't place them in a vase with water right away. Let them stand without water for a while to get used to the room temperature.

Different flowers have different lifespans. If a flower in the vase has wilted, throw it away so that it doesn't contaminate the water and shortens the life of other flowers.

We hope that with our simple tips the flowers given to you will please you and others for a long time!

Радкевич Александр Викторович
Заказал вчера два букета цветов. Одни разноцветные, вторые красные тюльпаны. Менеджер уточнил по букету где 9 тюльпанов красного цвета, что таковых тюльпанов нету, в наличии только кремового или желтого цвета - выбрал кремовый. В результате прислали оба букета одинаковыми РОЗОВЫМИ тюльпанами. Просто треш.
Доброго дня! Please prepare flowers for Sunday 08th of October 2017. The recipient ( Ольга) will come to your store to pick up flowers. Otherwise I will tell you the address where to do the delivery. Diakuyu !!!
Дуже дякую за чудово виконану роботу. Коробка з квітами просто неймовірна, доставлена вчасно. Все на вищому рівні. Так тримати! Ще не раз до вас звернусь
Pink cloud
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