Care about your flowers and plants at home 

►Flowers bloom everywhere for everyone who wants to see them. If you want to have flowers and different plants at home and if you want them to grow and bloom, you have to care about them.So the first tip is called care. 


•  At first, you have to water them. Every plant or flower needs certain amount of water pro week or for another time lapse.  When the flowers are cut and are in water, change the water 1 time pro day.  Some types of flowers do not like a lot of water, so if you want to make them comfortable, you should make sure that you know everithing about them and about their characteristics.  



• There are exist many sorts of flowers and every flower has needs, which you need to know. Kind of plants don't like sunny places and vice versa. Actually flowers stay on  shelfes, racks and on alloted places but you can put them wherever you want:) If you want to make your house more creative and colorfull- use bright pots ( that also will make you good mood) 



•There are also florariums that can make your plants more original. For that one you do not need a lot of stuff. All you need to have is glass bottle, bulb or small aquarium. For filler you can use moss, grass or little stones. 



House dekor

•So, you bought one pot with plant and that is not enough? The point is in potty details:) For example in winter, when the Christmas comes near, you can decor your house with the wreath, that also have flowers, or with candles composition.